“No Instances found” – Azure On-Premise Gateway

Post Date: October 26, 2018

Microsoft Dynamics Consultant


I came across a recent bizarre┬áissue where I couldn’t find the installation name for the Azure On-Premise Gateway. I was demonstrating integration between Dynamics AX 7 and Dynamics CE. With some poking around, I managed to solve the issue. The steps are outlined below for anyone having the same issue.

Step 1: Install the Azure Gateway

Assuming that you have already installed the Azure On-Premise Gateway, ensure that the following Ports are open on your firewall:

Port 443 : Open
Port 5671 : Open
Port 5672 : Open
Port 9350 : Open
Port 9351 : Open
Port 9352 : Open
Port 9353 : Open
Port 9354 : Open

Step 2: Note the location of the Service Bus Namespace

There is an option to run Network Port Tests

Running the test should give you the Service Bus Namespace location. In my case it was: Service Bus Namespace WABI-EUROPE-NORTH-B-relay7.servicebus.windows.net

Step 3: Update the new ‘Create connection gateway’ settings

Changing the location settings for my new connection immediately brought up the installation name:

The Result

This should now allow be setup correctly allowing you to access the data from a service like Logic Apps:

It should now be possible to pipe the On-Premise data through whatever service you require.

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